4 Reasons why St. Barths is worth it!

Saint Barthélemy often abbreviated as St. Barths is a pearl of the Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. This island is mixed with European influence and Caribbean flare filled with luxury label shopping, mega yachts, private villas, 5-star restaurants a number of water activities to choose from. Here are 4 reasons why visiting St. Barths is so worth it! Check it out!

1. Celebrity hotspot

Flashing lights! There’s one reason that big stars and multi-millionaires are spotted on this island – small size island. Due to its small population and difficulty to get to, celebrities find this makes it less of a target for paparazzi and celebrity spotters. St. Barths welcomed Kendall Jenner, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Derek Jeter.

2. Beach parties

Nikki Beach is a perfect beach party spot, a beach club with an exquisite sandy setting in one. Actor DiCaprio was even recently noticed there, pre-Oscars win, with bis bro law.

3. Beaches

One highlight St. Barth’s regulars love regarding the island is that the diversity of its beaches. There are 14 of them in total, every beach with its own distinct temperament. A number of the most effective ones, together with Saline Beach and Colombier Beach (generally visited by boat), provide miles of white sands and peace and quiet

4. Shopping paradise

If you’re searching for designer garments and accessories, St. Barths has them. And if you’re searching for locally created things, those boutiques exist, too. In fact, with over two hundred looking choices, you’re sure to notice the item you’re searching for. Don’t forget to require advantage of the exempt shopping—diamonds area unit a girl’s relief, after all.

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