4 reasons to fly via private charter this Christmas

What if we said that this Christmas your traveling won’t include security long lines, long delays and crowded airports? Holiday travel within the Caribbean can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be with SXM Airways! Continue reading further for a list below for the reasons you’ll want to fly by private charter this holiday season.

  1. Stress-Free experience

Flying with commercial airplanes means fitting luggages into tight spaces and poor treatment of your belongings. We can guarantee you that this won’t be the case flying with a private charter. You travel with your belongings and your baggage is guaranteed not to be left behind. Private charters have seats that are very comfortable and gives passengers a relaxed and stressed free experience before arriving to their final destination.

2. Superior service

Flying on a private charter allows passengers access to better service while on ground and air. Companies like ours take care of your ground transportation, and all of your special requests.

3. No long lines

Flying with a private charter is only limited to a number of passengers such as friends and family members. The smaller the crowd, the least time spent waiting at your gate. You can be onboard the aircraft within minutes after arrival to the airport.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Flying with an aircraft this Christmas allows you to travel on your own time. Flights would be made available at a few hours notice and can wait if you’re running late.

5. Affordable price

During the holidays, availability on commercial airlines and their prices are higher than usual. By flying with a private charter, you can get your entire family and friends on one flight to your final destination.

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